Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heart Tree

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These cute heart trees have been all over Pinterest for the last week or so.  I knew when I saw them we had to make them. It is sometimes hard to find multi age activities and these are something both girls would enjoy. (Here is where I found the instructions)

First we traced an outline of A and G's arm and hand on colored card stock and cut out.

Then we glued the cut out onto white card stock to create the trunk of the tree.

We used a combination of heart stickers and red paper hearts to create the tree's leaves. If you are doing this with a toddler I definitely recommend the stickers.

At that point I figured we were done until the next evening while working on organizing my art materials I cleaned out my art supplies and discovered a forgotten stack of colorful Ikea frames. I just happened to have blue and green ones to match the tracing of the girls hands.

Here's our finished project. A success for both girls.

Do you ever find it hard to prepare activities that work for both younger and older kids? What are some of your favorite multi age projects?

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  1. This is great!! We have another that's about to go up in a little bit, you can repost this one there :)


  2. They look great! I have trouble finding something for my twins to do as they are both so different in their skills and likes at the moment, lol!
    But i use to work in child care in a lot of multi age rooms so know eacatly what you mean!!