Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Round Up!

Here's some of our favorite projects from past Valentine's Days

I found the instructions for making these Love Apples on The Magic Onions blog. The girls loved them and felt very special without all the sugar. I slipped Miss A's Love Apple into her lunch box so she would be surprised at school. She was thrilled that even her lunch was special.

Here is the Valentine we made for A's preschool class - the idea came from the Disney Family Fun Magazine - we just substituted a pencil for the lollipop as her school discourages candy. Miss A wrote all the words for the Valentine, and I added them to the image with Photoshop. Miss A wanted fancy letters so she added cute curlicues all other the place. Once they image was done we had enough for the classed printed at Target. Super easy.

Miss A saw a Ladybug Tic Tac Toe game for sale in a magazine and wanted to order one. I suggested she make one instead. I often recreate things from images I've seen in magazines, but this is the first time A has tried. It was fun to watch how she figured out how the project went together and added her own special touches - everything she makes has to have a big smile on it's face :)

The girls and I made these yummy Valentine's Treats last year and will definitely be making them again. You can click here to read the super easy instructions.

Happy Valentine's Day Crafting!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bath Mosaic

Bath Mosaic
Super fast and simple - cut pieces of craft foam into basic shapes - they stick to most smooth surfaces when wet. If you really want to get fancy cut out the parts and pieces to build monsters or make a game of Tic Tac Toe -

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Magic Site Words

It's been a while since I last posted, it's not that we haven't been doing projects, but that we now have a kindergartner in the house. I think the transition into school is harder on the parents than the kids. All the meetings, site words, and field trips. I figure the only way I can post is if I keep it fast and simple.

Magically appearing site words!

I don't want site words to be a chore, and there is only so much site word bingo one little girl can play before she figures out it's really home work. Since A enjoys art so much, lately I've been trying to use more art inspired activities. White crayon and some water colors make identifying site words a lot more fun. So easy and fast!

How do you  keep site words from being a chore?