Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainbow Bug Art Party

I haven't posted in a while - a combination of beautiful spring weekends too nice to spend at the computer and preparing for A's 5th birthday. For the last 4 years Miss A has celebrated her birthday with a bug party, but there are only so many variations you can do on a theme, so this year I chose the theme - Rainbow Art Party, Miss A managed to convince me to add the bug in at the last minute. Hey what can you do - the girl really likes bugs.

Rainbow Ribbon Garland

Rainbow Birthday Banner
It's hard to capture this one in a picture since is stretch at least 10', but trust me it's cute.
I'll put up instructions later this week.

Rainbow Tutus
More on these later.

Rainbow Punch Box
(You can get the instructions from Pink and Green Mama)

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Rainbow Cereal Necklaces.
I also found this idea on Pink and Green Mama - they were so cute I had add them to the party table even though it was last minute. The kids absolutely loved them.

Rainbow Cupcakes
Whew, that's enough for now and we haven't even gotten to the art yet - I'll put our Rainbow Bug Art in a separate post.

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