Thursday, January 12, 2012

Randomness and Creativity - Inkblots

When my husband took the girls to the library last week he picked up a new book for me. He does this occasionally and often the books just sit on the shelf waiting to go back to library . This was different - it drew me in - calling out to be read instead of helping with dinner. It's a beguiling little book about randomness and creativity - "Inkblot - drip, splat, and squish your way to creativity" by Margaret Peot. In between enchanting sketches developed from inkblots, the author outlines the history of inkblots and how famous artists have used the medium as a way to get inspired.

My girls and I were inspired and luckily I had all the supplies we needed. As soon as "G" was in bed (ink stains a little too much for my 2 year old) "A" and I went to work following the easy instructions.

All that is needed is paper, ink, and a little water.

Pre-fold the paper in half then just drip and splatter. The combination of ink and water creates all the shades of gray in the finished inkblot. We tried using just ink, but liked the variation in color and pattern we got when using the ink in combination with the water.

Then fold the paper in half and press. Reopen the paper and see what amazing images you have created.

My husband says this one looks like Frank Zappa

I see mysterious looking eyes in this one.

A turtle perhaps?

 After doing a few inkblots I asked "A" what she thought - she said "they look like art in a museum"

The book goes on to show how to turn your inkblots into all kinds of fantastical creatures - I think I know what we will be doing this weekend.

What do you see in the inkblots? Have you ever used something random to get inspired?


  1. Hi,
    these look really cool. I love INkblots! & it is so interesting how people see them so differently...
    I did a post last year on our inkblots, check it out here

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I took a look at your lovely inkblots. the colors are great. We are definitely trying colored inks next.